1- Before you take out a cab what things must you check?

Ans – You should check that it has got a taximeter (Sealed), fire extinguisher, and up to date road tax and certificate of insurance.

2- A cab drivers licence is issued for how long?

Ans- The license is issued for Three Years.

3- What should you do when you are issued with your licence and copy?
Ans- As soon as you receive them you should sign both of them.

4- How do you know how many passengers a cab is licensed to carry?
Ans- On the back of the cab is the Hackney Carriage Licence Plate, this will specify the amount.

5- Can anybody take your licence from you?
Ans – Yes, if a cab driver is supplying you with a cab.

6- Do you need to wear a seat belt?
Ans- You do not need to wear a seat belt when plying for hire or carrying passengers, but when travelling to and from home you do need to wear as seat belt or if you are delivering a parcel.

7- At the end of journey (carrying passengers) what should you check the cab for?
Ans- You should ensure that there is no property left behind.

8- If you find lost property in a cab, what should you do?
Ans- No later than 24hrs after finding property in your cab you should got to any Metropolitan police Station, and get a receipt for the property.

9- What (in mm) is the minimum tread allowed on tyres?
Ans- The amount of tread allowed is 1.6mm.

10- Are remoulds allowed on a cab?
Ans- You can use remoulds as long as they are P.C.O Approved.

11- Why is the sliding partition restricted to only open 4 & halve inches?
Ans- This is purely for the driver’s safety.

12- In an emergency, how do you stop a diesel engine?
Ans- By the use of the cut-off switch.

13- Where would you carry a wheelchair bound passenger?
Ans- You must place them on the left of the driver in the recess, facing towards the back.

14- What should you do once a wheelchair has been placed in position?
Ans- You should make sure the brakes on the wheelchair are applied and that the Restraining Mechanism is used.

15- What is the correct way to unload a wheelchair?
Ans- You should always unload wheelchairs using the ramps and always backwards from the cab.

16- Are there any restrictions on what kind of cab a driver can drive?
Ans- Yes, if you passed your test in an automatic, you can only drive an automatic cab.

17- What should you do if you are on a taxi rank and a vacancy occurs?
Ans- You need to move up to fill the vacancies.

18- If a notice of Unfit for Public Use is issued on a cab you are driving, what should you do?
Ans- You must stop working immediately and if the cab is being rented return it to the garage and notify them. If you own the cab you must not use the cab until the repairs have been done, then you need to take it to the P.C.O for a check.

19- If you are made aware that a passenger you have carried had a notifiable disease what should you do?
Ans- You should report it to their local Medical Health Officer and get the cab disinfected before carrying any more passengers.

20- When you are on a taxi rank, what general rules apply?
Ans- No matter what part of the rank you are at, you are plying for hire so you must be willing to be hired. Once you reach the front the first two cabs must be available immediately.

21- What items are you required having on your person when you take a cab out?
Ans- When you take your cab out for work you must have your badge (visibly on show). You should also have your normal driving licence and your Taxi Cab driving licence.

22- If your cab catches fire on a motorway, what should you do?
Ans- Get to the hard shoulder and get your passengers onto the hard shoulder, turn the engine off (if possible). Use your fire extinguisher, and phone the emergency services if you cannot get it under control.

23- Where would you find the engine cut-off switch on: (A) Fairway? (B) TX1? (C) Metro?
Ans- A: It is under the bonnet at the back of the engine on the left hand side.

B: There is one behind the front number plate and one in the bottom right hand corner of the centre console.
C: One in the top right hand corner in the driver’s compartment and one just under the radiator grill (offside).

24- What is the tyre pressure on: (A) Fairway? (B) TX1? (C) Metro?
Ans- A: Front = 38psi—-Rear = 36psi B: Front = 35psi—-Rear = 40psi C: Front = 38psi—-Rear = 38psi

25- Are you allowed to have radial with cross ply tyres?
Ans- As long as you have the same on one axle, you can have cross ply’s on the front and radial’s on the back, although this is not advisable.

26- Which two road you can’t overtake?
Ans- 1. Pedestrian Crossing 2. Single or Double solid white line.

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