Private taxi training

Private_Hire_TaxiAre you Training to be a Licensed Taxi Driver?

A KAHAR can help with your Private Hire Hackney Carriage Test.

Many Borough Councils have required Potential Taxi Drivers to pass a Driving Test as one of the Qualifications in becoming licensed for many years.

· The standard is set at a level suitable to a full licence holder which is higher than the learner driver test. It is important that you have refreshed your knowledge of the Highway Code and are familiar with your vehicle.

· To pass you are permitted up to nine driving faults, any serious or dangerous faults would be immediately recorded as a failure, the test will still continue finally returning to the test centre. The duration of the test is the same as for learner drivers.

· You will be asked to carry a taxi manoeuvre which will be your own choice. You will be expected to demonstrate your ability to manoeuvre your vehicle under control and with good all round effective observations giving consideration to other road users including pedestrians.

· You will be asked on a number of occasions to pull up on the left at a safe convenient place, if a fare is getting in or out you need to avoid parking next to lamp posts and trees as this could be potentially hazardous for your passenger.


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